11 best plagiarism checkers – With 100% Proof

best plagiarism checkers

Since the birth of Google, it gets millions of text contents every second. Can you imagine how huge it is!
It’s tough to measure how much, but it’s clear that your writing piece has a high chance of matching this ocean of text.

I know you did not copy or even spun. Still, there is a chance to get matched. And then you will see a huge rank drop. This situation obviously hurts any writers – I feel that Man!. 

So, how do you know if your copy has matched with other contents or not? Simple! Using a Plagiarism checker.

Now, there are tons of plagiarism checkers in the market: which one is the best then?. In this post, I will walk you through the 11 best plagiarism checkers with 100% full-proof.

Stay with me for the proof. Before showing you the result, let me answer some quick questions to the “new writers.” If you are not like them, jump to the review section.  

Okay? Let’s start

What’s a plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker saves your writing-pieces from copyright strikes. It checks each of your sentences with millions of copies from the world of the internet. Then, suggest you make changes for making your texts unique. That’s the basics of Plagiarism Checker. 

I can give you another clear idea. Check it out: Google follows the DMCA ( the digital millennium copyright act) as their copyright policy.

This is the strongest law in copyrighting. So, a Plagiarism checker helps you to avoid the infringement of copyright law.

Benefits of Using Plagiarism Checkers:

Now you know the basics of plagiarism checker. Here are some benefits you need to know. It will easy up your writing journey soon. I know there are tons of writing regarding services, but you will see only the best things for ranking fast on google.

  1. Ability to be unique: how unique can you write? Plagiarism checkers answer the question when you drop your texts in there.
  2. Percentage: Usually, 15% of plagiarism is allowed. How do I know this fact? Simple, I used the checker, and they showed me the fact. It eventually saves my time.
  3. Speed up your work: every writer chases the deadline. To meet the deadlines, a writer needs to speed up his work. Plag checker helps you to find the exact text and meet your deadline.
  4. Rank faster: Google always loves fresh and unique content. This tool will help you to be unique. As a result, the chance of rank in the top 10 becomes easier.
  5. Maintaining ethical value: It’s one of the top virtues that you need to follow: to be honest with your writing. Plag checker does not actually help you. Instead, it reminds you.

Which Plagiarism Checker Do Bloggers use most?

Knowing the benefits of using a Plagiarism checker may lure you into revealing: what tools are using the best writers bloggers? Well, it’s tough to answer but easy to show some proof.  

As I promised to show you the proof, here is the fact you should know: Forbes, Business Insider, Medium, Vogue, The Rolling Stones, and more are using the following tools. 

They rated my 11 plagiarism checkers as their “go to” saver for their content. So, without delay, let’s jump into the review section. I will tell you the features, overview, and more.

1. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

One of the trustworthy plagiarism checkers so far. Yes! I am talking about Copyscape. It is fully dedicated to secure your writing from duplicity. Copyscape offers three crucial features:

Accuracy, speedy detection, protection from duplication. Let’s explain each of the features: Accuracy means it gives you 100% results. And each of the results is solid -no doubt! Do you think Copyscape takes time to do the accuracy job? 

No! Here comes the speed. It will do the job less than a second. You just need to copy and paste the URL or texts. That’s all!   

Copyscape result

You will get the result. And based on the result, you can post it on your website with a flag. Yes! A flag. It will warn the spy to avoid stealing your content. To get these three features, you will cost cents. Realy! 


Yes, the pricing of Copyscape is minimal. They will charge 3 cents for searching more than 200 words. In total, you are secured within your budget. Any doubt? Check the link for more information.

Pros of Copyscape
  • Fast detection
  • 100% accurate.
  • Lag-free user experience.
Cons of Copyscape
  • The free mood does not offer better results.

2. Quetext 

Well, it is normal to have doubts about my review. It’s not your fault. Instead: you are smart. Like every smart guy, you are probably in search of alternatives for better decisions -Right? 

Quetext plagiarism checker

Quetxt can be your next explorer. It offers the same features as Copyscape. Now, what makes it unique? 

Their AI database: It’s large and flawless. You will get what you are paying for. Plus, the tool offers a detailed report to assist your writing. 

For example, you will know the sources with URLs and recommendations. This means no hassle-free writing. 

writing sources - quetext

Whatsmore, you will get 10,000 words realtime checking. That is huge! Copyscape does not offer this. I guess in this sense; you can go for it. Wait! That’s not the end.

Quetext offers a citation assistant -fair enough to say, “lets punch the card for this.” 


So what’s the price? For premium users, they offer $9 per month with all the features. But if you want to go for a trail. There is a “?” see the pros and cons of your answer 

Pros of Quetext
  • Deep search with accuracy.
  • 10,0000 words at a time.
  • Snippet text for speed correction.
Cons of Quetext
  • Fuzzy analysis report in a free mood.

3. Pro writing AID

Ops! I guess the previous price is a bit high for content writers, right? No worries! I have another budget plagiarism checker. That is ProWritingAid.

It’s basically a grammar checking software but provides good accuracy. Not like the previous two- don’t forget it. So, is it reliable?

Look, it is like: you will get what you will pay. In that sense, Prowritingaid works fairly well for a starter writer.   


So how much will it cost for a starter? $4 per month. Cheap! You will know more about the pros and cons.

Pros of Pro writing AID
  • Easy to integrate with MS Word and other platforms.
  • 60% accuracy
  • Expert grammar suggestions.
  • It simultaneously works as a proofreader.
  • Rich database.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
Cons of Pro writing AID
  • It’s not as fast as Quetext and Copyscape

4. Copyleaks

There is another checker faster than the previous three. It does not only fast but offers huge features. Copyscape and Quetext do not even offer some of its features.

That’s why BBC, Semrush, and famous universities have their faith in it. It is none other than Copyleaks. What does it offer?

It does not offer! Instead, Copyleaks take your copies into legendary levels. How? By using its best AI and machine learning algorithms. 

These two features analyze your sentences by Deepsearch. Deepsearch means: the technology can successfully detect paraphrase and plagiarism within seconds. Wow! Saves a lot of time.

Not only that, but it also can compare your document for making it unique pieces. I don’t think as a blogger; you need more than that. 


Let’s talk about the pricing then. The price of Copyleaks starts from $8 per month. It’s for business owners. If you are a student, $9 per month. Does it sound pricey? Check the pros and cons. You will know, it’s not a dealbreaker.

  • Compatible with different platform integration.
  • Comparison tool for filtering the duplicate.
  • Accuracy is 95%
  • It can find the code plagiarism.
  • Website comparison tool.
  • One can download different format reports.
  • AI and Machine learning technology.
  • I wish the user experience could be slightly better.

5. Grammarly:

In the case of user experience, Grammarly is better. It’s even faster than Prowritingaid. Let me tell you about its features: 

Grammarly is basically a grammar checking platform. Here you can check all your basic and advanced writing checks. 

Apart from that, you can also check from plagiarism. The checker is better than its competitors. It’s accurate and speedy. 

For example, I checked their plagiarism checker with Copyscape. It performed almost the same as Copscpaes’ speed. Plus, Grammarly’s accuracy has 70% matched with Copyscape. 


Based on my experience, I can say: you can go for Grammarly. Here is the pricing: it offers two different prices: one is $11, and another is $12. On $11, only one user can use it, but on $12, three users can use it. Which one is the best?   

Pros of Grammarly
  • Accurate grammar check.
  • 70% plagiarism accuracy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Faster than Prowritingaid.
Cons of Grammarly
  • The price is higher than Prowritingaid.

6. Plagiarism Detector

Have you decided yet what to buy? Don’t decide now. I will show two more options with their unique offers. Let’s start with the Plagiarism detector.

It offers the same checking experience as others. So, why is it different? It offers article rewriting service.

I am sure you are thinking about the extra cost. Not at all. Plagiarism Detector has a built-in AI that will rewrite your article like a human being. 

You just need to give a revision after that. Done! Apart from rewriting, it also offers grammar and paraphrasing checks.

If you want both grammar and plagiarism checker, don’t be late. This one could be your next weapon to craft the best piece.

Now, there is another question about accuracy. I would say: plagiarism detector is doing a head to head competition with other plagiarism platforms.


As I said, they are competing. Here is the pricing: it offers three different plans for users. One for students. And this plan costs $20. 

Then the next one is “Institution,” which costs $40. The business plan is the last one. It costs $80. Don’t you think the price is higher? Here are the pros and cons.

Pros of Plagiarism Detector
  • Maximum word counts than other platforms.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Multiple URL checks at a time.
  • Advanced AI facilities.
Cons of Plagiarism Detector
  • It supports only PDF downloads.

7. Plagly

Now, let’s move onto the second option. I will write about Plagly. It’s kinda weird to me. Why? For a jaw-dropping feature. That is NLP( natural language processing). 

Yes! Plagly has successfully integrated this technology. This means it can even detect plagiarism of speech to text.

Knowing this feature, I was like: “What the heck is going on with this?” Come on – I was convinced after some tests.

My tests include -plagiarism accuracy, grammar comparisons, and AI facilities. Plagly passed all those three tests perfectly.  


After my test, I looked for the price. Here is the plan they offer: one plan for all that is $20. For Covid-19, they are offering plans. So, hurry up! Time is short, don’t miss it.

I am sure you have found your 100% proof on paid plans, right? Want to know about Free Plagiarism Checker with tons of paid features? Jump to the next section.

Pros of Plagly
  • NLP technology.
  • 97% accurate detection.
  • Grammar check
  • Bullet-proof security.
Cons of Plagly
  • They only offer a 1000 word limit.

Free Plagiarism checker:

Here you go. You will know about four market-leading free checkers from this section. I will tell in each review why they are leading? Okay, lets go. 

1. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is now the first choice for every content creator and blogger. It offers SEO friendly copy checking.

Means, Creators don’t need to fear Google penalties. Yes! That is 100% true.

Want some proof? Well, I used the platform for my basic checking. It always resulted in 75% accuracy. Plus, the tool also offers free grammar checks.

So, I will recommend this if you are new to the market. It will save you time and money.

Pros of Duplichecker
  • Speedy checking.
  • Accurate result.
  • Grammar suggestions.
Cons of Duplichecker
  • It would be better if the advertisement placement were adjusted.

2. Small SEO Tools

Almost free checker keeps the article rewriting feature paid. But SmallSEOTool makes that option free. This means content creators can check their copies and rewrite them instantly. 

Now the question is: how reliable is it? Of course, not as good as paid, still it’s good enough to satisfy the google. 

I hope that makes sense. Let’s move on to the bonus. Yes, this tool offers some bonus features. Like, you can compare your documents, use this tool as WP plugins, and more. This is possible for advanced AI facilities.

The facility includes – checking speech text, URL check ( just put your URL, the checker will check the whole page). In a word, you will get a total SEO friendly solution. 

Trust me! I did not find any reliable alternatives like this ton of offers. So, try this out. Soon it will beat the other freebies.    

  • Free article rewriting.
  • Comparison tool for seeing the match.
  • Advanced AI
  • The advertisement policy could be better.

3. Plagiarism Detector

Like the paid version, Plagiarism Detector offers a unique special offer in the freebie. The offer is data safety. 

This will save your copies from stealing. As a result, you are going to have copyright protection. Tell me! Is there anyone that can offer this feature both in free and paid? I doubt.

Come on! There are tons of free platforms. They don’t have reliable data-safety policies like PD(Plagiarism detector). Want to see the proof? Go to their page; you will find the truth.  

Pros of Plagiarism Detector
  • Data safety for each copy.
  • Analytical report.
  • 70% accurate.
  • It supports all file formats.
Cons of Plagiarism Detector
  • It has a word limit.

4. Plagly:

You already know about the paid version. But hey! Do you know, it has one exclusive free feature? That is: you will get 97% accurate detection like the paid version. Many students and new professionals are using this for their zero-investment tool.

You can even try it before you pay. Plagly is offering this trail for building trust. So, why don’t you take the opportunity? 

Pros of Plagly
  • Not much advertising.
  • 97% Accurate result.
  • Downloadable report.
Cons of Plagly
  • It does not offer a multiple-report format.

Now that you have the information on the market-leading free and paid plagiarism checker with proof. I have revealed 60% of the untold truth about them during my last session. 

Want to know the 40% for being a perfect creator? .Read out the coming section closely.

When to use a free plagiarism checker?

There is one golden rule of using a free checker. And that is: use it as the secondary checker. Never ever use it as primary. Why? Let me share a short story then:

When I was a noob, I knew nothing good about free plagiarism checkers. I used to trust them blindly. As a result, my hard work returned with tons of frustrations.

It was not my fault. I would say I could not understand the business policy. Not knowing the business strategy is one kind of disadvantage. 

So, I am going to show some disadvantages of the free plagiarism checker in the next section. Before going to that section, let me close this with a suggestion. Use a free checker as the semifinal stage.

Disadvantages of free plagiarism checkers

There are several disadvantages to free plagiarism checkers. I won’t point everything out; instead, you will get major issues that can hurt your creations.

  •  Data safety: when you upload your copies in a free checker. There are no strong safety precautions. There is a chance of stealing the works.
  •  Advertising: most of the free checkers do not have strong advertising policies. It eventually hurts the user experience.
  • Slow: the results take more than minutes in freebies.
  • Accuracy: the freebies do not offer accurate plagiarism checks. This is their business policy. So please don’t rely on them.
  • Limited database: the free checker has a limited database. This is the main reason for accuracy.
  • Limited grammar check: some platforms offer both grammar and plagiarism checkers. I will recommend you to avoid that because their grammar accuracy is not as good as Grammarly.

That’s all the major disadvantages of free plagiarism checkers. You will find more in Quora and Reddit. So, think twice before using the free checker. Make sure your copies are safe. 

That’s the most important thing you should notice. Now, let’s move onto the frequently asked section. There you will find the best plagiarism suggestion. 


What website can I use to check for plagiarism? 

To answer this question, I created a poll on famous forums. Thousands of creators choose Quetext from my seven best picks. 

The creators said that: Quetext has better AI and accuracy than other platforms. They also mentioned the 24/7 support and regular blogs from Quetext.

Based on their opinion, I later checked 10 of my best creations in Quetext. Wow! I was literally convinced with their support. No doubt! Quetext so far the best plagiarism checkers.

Is Grammarly reliable as a plagiarism checker?

The answer is Yes and No. In a recent update, Grammarly betterize their plagiarism checker. I, in fact, rely on secondary checks on Grammarly.

I can recommend this for secondary checks. But don’t fully trust their checker. They are solely focused on grammar. 

Plagiarism checker is just a bonus for struggling creators. I hope that makes sense. In a word, Grammarly is 70% reliable. 

I know this opinion may hurt struggling writers. But dude! Here is the fact: Google accepts 15% of plagiarism. Don’t worry! You are fine until you afford it. Keep faith in their service.


Time to end-up my write up. Here is the quick review of “what have you got from here?” You got two golden rewards: one is a 100% verified review of paid and free checkers. The next, you know the answers and a guide on secured checking.

I hope the full write up will help you to find the best plagiarism checker. Let me know what proof you need? I am always there to convince you through my strong research. 

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