10 Unbeatable Winzip Alternatives – Save 70% time and money

Winzip alternatives

Zipped files are easier to upload and download. This even saves data and time! That’s why millions of users keep their faith on file achiever and compressor! And WinZip is one of them. It is compatible with all OS platform and offers a trial or paid

Is it worth buying Winzip?

Winzip alternatives

Winzip is the number one leading brand in the market. It offers ultimate file security by saving time. Yet, users are relying on the WinZip alternative at present for security issues. They ask now:

Is winzip safe for pc?

Well, Winzip replied to the question by showing 50 market-leading antivirus testimonials. They even claimed risk-free software, but users want ultimate security for their files. So, they are heading to the WinZip alternatives:

Let us ease up the users’ search by giving a review of WinZip alternatives..

10 Winzip Alternatives:

1. 7zip:


This is a 1Mb open-source file with 31 different file types. Means, huge options, including 7 file formats and easy interface. Light, lag-free, and time saver.

2. Winrar:

winrar alternatives

Winrar works, in fact, better than Winzip file compressor. It opens numerous file formats within a second for one click. See, ultimate time saver! It also offers a 40 days free trial with a money-back guarantee.

2. B1 Free Archiver:

Bi is one of the safest WinZip alternatives so far. It is preferable to multi-platform based users. The user can easily customize this achiever for zipping -It’s like drag and drop.  

3. Express Zip

ExpressZip is another easy to use file archiver and compression tool. It has great stability for fast zipping. No matter how large the folder is, Express zip will save your space and time. It is also compatible with windows and mac.

3. ExtractNow

Without wasting extra space or having unnecessary updates, ExtractNow works fast. It takes 2Mb space and can zip any file on one click. Three setting options: extract, setting, and clear. That’s all? No! It has a strong password option to secure your valuable documents.

4. jZip:

For the fastest compression and extraction, JZip can be a perfect WinZip alternative. It allows major file format and type. It even supports the major OS platforms -ideal time saver.

5. PeaZip:

Why do the users install it as a WinZip alternative? Because PeaZip can extract the rare formats! It can also compress and extract 181 different formats. That’s huge! Right? The offer has not finished yet. PeaZip takes less disk space and can work on one click!

6. Ashampoo Zip Free:

With a handy interface and speedy performance, Ashampoo is a rising contender. It allows a user to set up instantly. The user can also save the cloud files for secured storage—no need to rely on Winzip anymore. Cause the lighter is, the better.

7. Zipware:

The taste of premium is elegant, and Zipware made it free. Yes! It’s free and secure from viruses and unwanted threats. You can scan the file with its built-in virus scanner before the open. So, try it for free.

8. Hamster Zip Archiver

This Russian achiever is trying to be a decent Winzip alternative. But for some Russian-language features, it is falling out of radar. Still, the users are installing it for specific compression and extraction purposes. That is 7z and Zip.

Final words:

Now you have got the idea of 10 unbeatable WinZip alternatives. Try it now.

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