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twitch alternatives

Great news! Ninja is back in his home. The celebrity of the gaming world left Twitch back in 2019-for payment and streaming-guideline issues. Following his path, many top-rated gamers left.

Now the questions are; why does he come back? Is it still worth staying with twitches for making money? Here are the answers:

The first answer is; Twitch has fixed the monetary issues and others with Blevins. That is so far heard on the internet.
Next, it’s tough to explain whether Twitch is worthy or not. Because it has tons of streamers, who are making $5000+ per month. Come on! They are the fuel.

And I am sure; Twitch will not concentrate on the growing game streamers by leaving those fuel generators. In fact, they are going to get more and more viewers after the “big fish” agreement. So, it means growing streamers have fewer chances to make their living.

Now it’s your choice: either you stay here or choose a better Twitch alternative. I am sure you are confused, right? Let me help you by showing a fact.
90% of smart streamers are making their living with Twitch alternatives. Trust me! That will be your best decision.
To help you to pick the best alternatives., I have listed 9 platforms you can take a look at. Are you ready?
Wait! Give me 2 more minutes, please! Because I am going to answer some common questions. It will help you to figure out your decision better. May I?

How Popular is Twitch?

Twitch gets over 2 million unique users every month. That’s huge! But the truth is: all of the users are not gamers. Some of them stream music, dance, or whatsoever. Want to know more here are the features:

  • Live Streaming. 
  • On-Demand Video Stream
  • Monetization eligibility
  • User-friendly advertisement options
  • Developer-friendly API

Places Where You Can Watch Twitch?

This question might sound lame! But the reality is – you can taste the Twitch everywhere. is not only the platform you can watch the streamers.

You can even watch the bloopers from youtube. Some smart streamers are now streaming the funny Twitch fails by routing Twitch. Interesting, right?

This can be an excellent example of using alternatives in a better way. How? Well, many fans are earning by using their favorite gamers stream. They record the stream and then publish the best clip on different social media. In a word, you can watch Twitch everywhere, but the real taste lies inside the only

Twitch Is More Than Just Video Games, True Or False?

Right; Twitch is more than just video games. It has musicians, dancers, and even entertainers. They are continuously uploading exotic content to make their living.

What Are Twitch Partners and Affiliates?

Now how do the streamers make their living? They earn in two ways: affiliate and partner programs. Here is a summary of each program.

Twitch affiliate:

Twitch ensures one of the quickest affiliate eligibility for their streamers. Look at these criteria:

  • 500 minutes broadcast in 30 days
  • Must have 7 unique broadcasts within 30 days.
  • Three consistent views in these 30 days

That’s all you will need to get signed for the affiliate program. Now let’s see the partner program

Twitch partner program:

To join this program, one has to achieve affiliate status first. Then he or she can apply for the partner program. This program has some complexity. Yet, if one can analyze the technical words, it will be easier to enjoy the partner programs.

So, what are the criteria of partnership sign up? Take a look then

  •  25 hours of streaming.
  • Must stream in different ways for 12 days.
  • 75 consistent viewers for 30 days.

All these mentioned criteria must be fulfilled within 30 days. Completing these criteria means; Twitch will reward you with monetization. How will you get benefitted from these rewards?

  •  You will get a commission form advertisement.
  • Your subscriber will pay for your stream.

Are People Really Making a Living on Twitch?

I am sure; the two of those programs above have already raised the titled question. It’s normal to have this query. Don’t worry! I have a bulletproof example.
Ninja to TheGrefg, everyone is earning a handsome revenue from Twitch. They are even donating to charities.
After having all these features, why am I advising you to think about Twitch alternatives? Look at the critical analysis.

Critical analysis:

It seems fair to meet the criteria for affiliate and partner programs initially. But if you read the terms in the shoe of a lawyer. There is something fishy. Want to know what?
Number one: “you have to stream in different ways” The phrase “different ways” does not define what is meant to be different? It means Twitch has the ultimate monopoly over this term.
Number two: “Unique” did you notice the word?
Yes, it’s tough to explain what is unique or not. This case also proves the ultimate monopoly of Twitch. So, based on the analysis, it will be a smart decision to pick the alternative.

Similar to Twitch: Alternatives

I already asked to take 2 minutes from you. Sorry! For taking long. No more extra explanation. Let’s jump onto the alternatives.

1. SmashCast TV (Hitbox)

Smashcast Tv

Smashcast is better than Twitch. Why? Their partnership program is flexible. They offer better revenue than Twitch without hidden legal complexity. Plus, their interface and streaming experience are better. There is no delay in streaming. Here is the thing you should not miss.

  • Easy discord integration.
  • You can even add other social media platforms.
  • Mini video player for audience-interaction.
  • Exclusive “Feed” option to engage the audience.
  • Esports fans can cheer up your stream.
  • The audience rate is still growing.

2. YouTube & YouTube Gaming

The day when Amazon-owned Twitch, Youtube launched its gaming and live streaming service. It’s the 26th of august in 2016.
And from that day, youtube/youtube gaming has started to take the dominant position. The major reason for this ruling is their policy.

Yes! The partner program of youtube is flexible and even considerably easy to meet. If your channel is eligible for monetization, done! You just need to stream. Here are the ways how you can make your living.
YouTube allows three types of earning for streamers: pre-roll, mid-roll, and display ads. These are the initial ways to raise money. Including that, it also has channel membership and super chat service.
Using these two services, you can take your earning to the next level. So, how can you partner with youtube? Read these criteria which you need to fulfill.

First of all, the channel owner has to have 4,000 hours of valid watch time within 12 months. Then he/she must have an Adsense account linked with the channel. Finally, the region – you have to be in the regions where youtube allows monetization. That’s the basics of making a handsome amount from Youtube. Read the features.

  • Easy to set a live stream.
  • Stream monetization
  • 4 different ways of earning.
  • Advanced AI for gamers.
  • The competition on Youtube is head to head with Twitch.

3. Caffeine

Earning is tough in caffeine. I am sorry for being straightforward. Don’t get frustrated! I have something to tell you. Trust me! It’s exciting. Caffeine has no subscription, ads, or partner program. They only offer to sell the digital product through streaming. I think that’s fair.

If you can grow a consistent audience, your earning will overflow the wallet. That’s true! I made my first commission within 30 days. How? First, I want to thank the user interface. Caffeine doesn’t need a fancy streaming setup; you can start from scratch. It all starts from a 10 seconds sign-up process. Then it’s all about setting up the profile.

Caffeine Tv

When you are done, you are ready to stream. That’s the simple user interface of this platform. So, take this as an overview of user experience. I am sure my review will help you to make a sustainable living.
Because tons of marketers try to promote their product through streamers. Done! Let’s move on to the next section.

  • No complicated partner program.
  • Easy to set up an account.
  • Quick integration with social media.
  • 24/7 support.
  • VIP program from the dominant streamer
  • It is initially tough for streamers to grow a follower.

4. Mixer

Facebook gaming

Surviving with the least amount of money is hard now. A gamer needs more than that. This is why Mixer can be a real saver. The platform was previously owned by Microsoft. Sadly, it could not meet the streamer requirements. In fact, they tried to bring the highest-paid gamer in their arena. Alas! They could not compete with Twitch, youtube gaming, and Facebook gaming.

As a result, Mixer partnered with Facebook Gaming to compete with the contender. Now the query is, can you make your living from a newly merged platform? Of course! Here is the thing you should meet
First, you have to join a “Level up program.” To join this program, you have to have the following essentials.

A creator page with four hours above streaming experience. This experience should be within two weeks and consistently at least two days. Second, your creator page must have 100 followers with 30 days of real-time activity. After meeting the mentioned requirement, you will be eligible to be a partner. So, how good is the partner experience? Let’s look at the features.

  • Seamless streaming experience.
  • Real-time interaction with the audience.
  • Flexible payroll.
  • Easy to integrate with OBS and other platforms
  • The policy is slightly similar to Twitch. It cannot be satisfying for some gamers.

5. Mirrativ


No one could literally ensure the partner program of Mirrativ. So, I decided to take the risk. Here are the first few things you need to know before explaining the partner program.
Mirror+Narrative= Miirrative. This is the basic meaning. Now, what basically is it? An Android platform to stream games or others.

I know, there are now tons of android platforms like this. But the simplicity and quick access of Mirrativ lured Nintendo to acquire. Yes! That’s the truth I learned in 2016.
Not only that but also the user inexperience and interface are tremendous. No doubt, a high-end to the low-end device can handle this app. This unique selling proposition has generated thousands of new gamers to get into their platform. Sounds great?

Now let’s move on to the partner program. Mirrativ has a vague policy for partner programs. They did not express how you can earn, but there is a hidden way. That is, you can earn from donations and advertisements. I think it’s a fair way to make money without meeting any strict requirements. What do you think? Check the features before answering.

  • It supports even android 5.0
  • Easy to stream and broadcast.
  • Social media integration.
  • Live chat with the audience.
  • It supports all low to high-end games.
  • You cannot record in-game audio.

6. Periscope


The payment policy of Periscope is better than Mirrartiv. Why? This question needs a detailed answer. And it will also show a clear overview of Periscope. So, here is the answer. Periscope designed its streaming platform for all kinds of entertainers. No matter what your genre is, you can stream here. Because the streaming process is easier than previous platforms. Just “go live” now the question is, how can you make your living. Here comes the payment policy explanation.
Periscope has VIP programs for streamers. If you can meet their requirement, you have high chances to get paid by the officials.

Meeting their requirement is not hard. Just be consistent; you can even earn by promoting merchandise, donations, and more. To have this promotional earning facility, you don’t need to add their VIP program. I hope the overall concept is clear.

  • It is compatible with every platform.
  • Flexible payment system.
  • “Click and start” type streaming option.
  • Quick access in all streaming features.
  • Few audiences, that’s the problem. Other than that, it’s ok.

7. UStream 


One of the oldest streaming platforms was UStream. It has now been renamed as IBM Watson AI. This platform is quite different from others. It is because of its advanced AI facilities.
That is why some of the futuristic gamers are moving here to expect a handsome living. Now the question is: how can you make money? Of course, by integrating google Adsense and commission. Does it sound exclusive? Learn the features.

  • 1tb video storage facilities
  • 10 million professional viewers
  • Secured integration.
  • Easy to earn revenue from Adsense.
  • It has less audience for gamers.

8. InstaGib TV

I had to consider a lot of things before adding this to my list. The reason is to make sure of exclusive information. I am going to share the information right now. And that is -you can earn from Instagib. Wait! How can you! Since there is no reliable information!

Let me give you a logical overview. If you click their “Go Vip” option, you will find a guideline. The guideline clearly says, “no more ads!”. What does it mean?

There are half a million free users; they watch in-stream ads. Don’t you think InstaGib shares a portion with them? Of course, they share!

So, it’s clear; you can make your living from this platform. It even started to get donations to support the streamer. Undoubtedly, this streaming is a rising star.
Not because of their earning policies, but for their easy streaming interface. The “Click and go” feature is a reliable example of quick streaming. Is that enough? Look at the features.

  • Flexible streaming option.
  • Earning from instream ads
  • Easy to integrate social media.
  • Perfect UI/UX for a starter.
  • The revenue is not high but enough to survive.

9. Niconico


Niconico is one of the largest streaming sites in Japan. It has a very unique partnership policy for users. It’s like; users can place their advertisements according to their wishes. There is no dominance in the company.

The company ensures this for fair living. To associate with their advertising policy, you have to join their affiliate program. That’s all. The rest of the work will do the Niconico. Just entertain the audience because this platform has a large paid membership. They, in fact, pay a huge amount to survive the company and streamers. Apart from all of these, just remember, if you are non-japanese, it will be tough for you to survive.

  • Unique partnership program.
  • Privacy policies are flexible.
  • User-friendly streamer interface.
  • It supports all social media platforms.
  • For non-japanese, it’s tough to generate income.

Final words:

My entire article tried to show better Twitch alternatives for making your living. I know the streaming platform is getting competitive day by day. 

Still, I would say; there are many growing platforms. These are promising and trying to promote gamers and entertainers so that they can make a better living. 

So, it’s wise to go for alternatives to stay ahead. If you look at NINJA, you will see; he was in Twitch from the beginning and struggled enough. 

Finally, his hard work paid off. Take the advantage and grow your brand. By the way, don’t forget to share this with your friend. 

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