9 Best Kw finder Alternatives for keyword research

Kw Finder alternatives

When you are going to invest your hard-earned cash, you need to be careful. In other words, “Play it safe.” This phrase we picked from the best-selling financial investment book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

The phrase means: search for every alternative and choose the right one. So, as a niche researcher, you must be one of them: who is searching for the best KW finder alternatives, right?

Here you will find a total solution of keyword research tool alternatives. Each solution will reflect the real user experience. So, read the review and pick the right solution for you.

KW Finder:

Starting with the KW finder. It has everything like other keyword research tools.

Brian Dean
Kwfinder-keyword-research tools

This SEO legend has also quoted this tool with one word for showing the uniqueness. That is “intuitive.” Let me explain this term through the upcoming sections.

KW Finder:(Free Trial mood) :

This tool offers two options: free and paid. The free feature covers basic data—for example, search volume, trend, keyword difficulty, CPC, location, language, and PPC.

Besides the primary facility, it also shows a SERP overview. This overview combines – Domain authority, Page authority, Citation flow, Estimate visit, Trust flow, Backlink, Link profile, Social signals, Import, built-in list, and previous History.

All these features are available for the first nine competitors. This theory of limitation is also applicable for the keyword suggestions. And this indicates the next mood called:

KW Finder (Paid mood)

Paying $29 will open all the obstacles that you faced in a free mood. Such as you can enjoy the Autocomplete option with tons of search results.

This option seamlessly reduces time and effort. Another amazing feature is the Keyword Difficult recommendation. And most of their suggestions are correct. So, you can rely on that data.


  1. User-friendly 
  2. Accurate data
  3. Tons of keyword suggestion


  1. Paid plans have limitations.

How to use it effectively (user guide):

Using this tool is like a piece of cake. You just put your seed keyword and select the locations, language. Then click on the search bar.

There you go! It will result in tons of keywords ideas. Just pick the keyword-based on the competitors and list them for further research. The listing option is on the dashboard. You don’t have to copy the selected keywords.

This tool will automatically save it for you. But there is one thing you to know: this tool has limitations on the list and pick.

For that reason, SEOs are searching for alternatives. Here is the list of nine best alternatives of KW finder. Read the full review.

9 best alternatives to KW finder: Free and paid.

1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (paid)

A well-known compact paid SEO tool. It offers a $7 weekly free trial to you along with its various subscription packages. In basic package, which is $99/month, you can do keyword research, site audit, rank check, and more. Since this topic is about keyword research tools, here are the things you can enjoy. 

You can research 100 keywords daily. Along with this research, you can explore a detailed overview of your desired search term.  

The overview will show the top ten search results and their Domain rating, page rating, backlinks, targeted keyword, and more. 

This option also offers seven interactive keyword research facilities. All of them are mentioning below:

Keyword Explorer( Paid mood):

This section has seven options. And they are – all keyword ideas, question, phrase match, newly discovered suggestion, also rank for and having the same search term. All these options are designed to give the best search result with data.

To take your research into an extensive level, it offers traffic value and more. So, paying $7 for a week is worth it.  


  1. Interactive features.
  2. All in one tool
  3. Accuracy is strong.
  4. Negative keyword marking options
  5. Customizable 


  1. No free plans

How to use it effectively:

Using the Ahrefs keyword explorer is super easy. You just go to the dashboard. Click on keyword explorer, then out your seed word there.

Select the search engine. That’s all; it will result in all data. Next, you will scrutinize the data from the left option. 

In this option, you will find -all keyword ideas, question, phrase match, newly discovered suggestion, also rank for and have the same search term. Use wisely for better outcomes.

2. SEMrush Keyword Research tools (Freemium)

Comparatively, SEMrush is handier than Ahref. It has all the features like Ahref. In some cases, it is better. The better part is its -advanced keyword suggestion, broad match, Ad history and seed keyword suggestion. Other than this, its an ultimate solution for users.

Keyword Research (Free):

The SEMrush keyword analytic tool has four different sections. And they are Keyword difficulty, keyword magic, keyword manager, ad history. All of these features include a total research solution. 

These solutions are limited in the free mood. For example, the ad history and keyword manager is for paid users. Moreover, the research tool is handy and intuitive.

Keyword analytic (Paid):

In a word, it has everything that a user cannot do in a free mood. For example, a user can enlist its data, and this storage capacity is above a thousand. SEMrush will offer to export all the data with an organized format. So, a free plan is decent in comparison to the price.


  1. Advanced options are better.
  2. Competitive density for accurate measure.
  3. SERP features are detailed.


  1. Free mood provides only limited data. 

How to use it effectively:

Like the Ahrefs, SEMrush is easy to operate. Just go to the dashboard. Click to the keyword analytics. Then the four options will open. Go to the keyword magic tool, type your desired keyword. Hit the search bar.

See! A ton of keyword ideas has been generated. Analyze all the data, including advanced filter options. You will get a proper keyword structure for your site.

3. Google Keyword Planner (Use wisely) – Free

There is nothing to explain about google keyword planner.

“google keyword planner is the mother of all keyword research tools.” 

Nathan Gotch

Most of the Keyword research tools collect their data from Google Keyword planner. At the primary stage, it used to provide every required data.

 But from 2016 it turned limited for security reasons. Still, as a free research tool, it is at its best. Here some of the features.

Keyword planner:

Google keyword planner shows exact search volume for advertisers. Otherwise, your search result will be like this: best rabbit food volume: 10k-12k.

If your business is PPC based, this tool is better. It has all the essential features that you need. Now, why am I saying “use wisely”? Here is the Answer.

Google keyword planner has some secret sauce. Only an accurate analyzer can bring it up. If your research skill is better, this is for you. 

Let me clear the statement with a tip. The tip is: you can bring the exact volume. Read the “how to use it” section to know the hack. Before that check the pros and cons .


  1. Better for PPC business.
  2. Accurate data with reference.
  3. Keyword stealing option.


  1. Keyword volumes are not exact.

How to use it effectively:

As is said, will share a tip to find the exact volume without spending money. Here is the way. First, click to the find keyword option, then put the seed keywords there. 

Hit the search button, see the volume. Select the first two keywords and mark “exact match” from the dropdown menu. 

Add the keywords to the ad plan. Next, click to the keyword menu from the sidebar. Then edit the CPC value and set it as maximum. 

Google will show you an average cost limit. Put the limited number there and see the expected impression of that cost. 

This impression means how much you are going to get within thirty days. If this is 5000, then the exact search volume is 5k. This is how you can use it effectively. 

4. Keyword Revealer (Freemium):

Keyword Revealer seems like an “Easy to go” type keyword research tool. The interface looks simple and has the basic features that a beginner needs. Let’s see what this tool offers.

keyword revealer

Keyword revealer (Free):

This tool offers basic features like -trend, monthly volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, search location and search language. A user can categorize this feature by using filter options.

The filter area has: keywords include, exclude the number of search results, potential earning and monthly volume. 

And all these data are limited. So, for a primary lookup, this free mood is good. 

Keyword revealer (Paid):

Nothing unusual in this free mood: It just cut the limitation. This paid mood is better for entry-level keyword researchers. Why? Because the data is decent for this community.


  1. The keyword difficulty is accurate.
  2. Easy to use
  3. User-friendly interface


  • Advanced filter option seems not satisfying.

How to use it effectively:

This is the most accessible keyword research tool. You just log in to the website and go to the search bar. Put your seed or desired long-phrase keyword.

Then select the language and location. Hit the search bar. There you go! You will find a list of keywords with detailed data.

Now, if you want to analyze the data, apply an advanced filtering option. This way, you can research for your niche or client.

5. Keywordtool.io (Freemium)

A better alternative of Keyword Revealer and the best replacement for KW finder. Why? Because it has plenty of features that every seos needs.


 For example, one can search for Instagram search data. This is an exceptional feature. Here are some more features.  

keywordtools.io instagram research

Keywordtool.io (Free):

The free mood offers nothing more than words. If the user wants to know the search volume, trend and competition, they have to pay for the paid version

 Keywordtool.io (Paid.):

The paid version offers a better user experience. It will show you the data from different search engines, including social sites. This will help you to understand the trend.

Plus, the paid version has better filtering and sort options. Users can sort their longtail keyword by using the ascending and descending menu. 


  • Social sites data.
  • Question and preposition suggestion 
  • Sort options
  • Competition results are accurate.


  • It does not provide expected data in the free mood.

How to use it effectively:

Go to the search bar, type your longtail keyword. Then select your desired search engine or social site. Next, choose the country and click the hit button. You will find a list of keyword suggestions: pick the right one and analyze it. That’s it!!

6. Moz keyword explorer (freemium)

Why do SEOs say Rand Fishkin is a genius? MOZ is the perfect Answer to this question. This SEO tool took keyword research into the next level. It allows both free and paid features. Lest walkthrough for the features. 

Keyword Explorer (Free):

The free mood allows tons of research access for any user. It shows all the essential data like -organic volume, Keyword difficulty, search volume, locations, and more. 

Besides these basic features, it allows overview keywords, suggestions along with competitiveness. 

The user will find a thorough data analysis feature inside the mentioned features. One of the best parts of this feature is: priority. It will suggest to you: what keywords you need to choose.

Keyword Explorer (Paid):

Ah! Total freedom lies in this mood. Why? Because It is a complete SEO solution. You will get entire keyword data of your top competitors. This data will help you to decide to pick the right keyword for quick rank. 


  1. Enormous features
  2. 95% accurate data
  3. One of the trusted tool


  1. The free mood allows you to see the top 7 competitors. 

How to use it effectively:

Unlike other advanced keyword research, it is easy to use. You can easily understand the interface at first glance. So, just put your seed keyword inside the search bar. 

Hit the enter button. That’s all. You have got all the fresh data. Next, you will scrutinize the keywords by using its interactive features.   

7. SERPstats

Signing up this SEO tool may frustrate you after using the MOZ. Still, this tool has some competitive advantages. The advantages are the graphs.

serpstats position  tracking

These graphs are shown based on – keyword analysis, website analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracker, and site audit. All these SERPstat features are good enough to create a strategic keyword plan.

Since it’s all about keyword explorer, here the features of this keyword tool

Keyword research( Free):

SERPstats offers two different plans for its users. One is free; another is paid. The free mood allows a user to fetch the top ten results with trends and graphs. So, this limited option is good for taking a first look at keywords.

Keyword research (Paid):

The paid version allows a precise result of keyword data and graphs. One of the best parts of these graphs is: competitor status. You can check: what is your competitor status.


  1. Detailed graphs.
  2. Ux is good.
  3. UI is decent.


  1. Limited data in the free mood.

How to use it effectively:

Operating this tool is easy as like other tools. Just go to the keyword research option from the sidebar. There you will find a dropdown menu then, paste your seed. Hit the enter. Done! A ton of data is there in a paid mood. 

Visit: https://serpstat.com/

8. Jaaxy (freemium)

Average keyword research tool. This is what most of the seos said about Jaaxy. However, it has decent metrics and data that an entry-level researcher needs. 

If you are one of them, try the free mood first. Then, decide on your hard-earned cash. Here are the features for your convenience.

Jaaxy Keywords ( Free):

The free version allows you to research 30 keywords with 20 results per search. You can save two keywords in their list options. In a word, it is not a too good or bad tool.

Jaaxy Keywords (Paid):

Jaaxy allows enough options in the paid version. They reduced all the limitations in this low pricing tool. Since they are growing, their main goal is to provide better UX. So, it’s better to think twice if you are a small business owner before selecting the paid option.   


  1. Basic features are strong.
  2. Easy to use
  3. Solid data.


  1. Their phrase match is not remarkably good.

How to use it effectively:

You know! Most of the keyword research tools try to make their product user friendly. So, Jaaxy did the same. You just go to the search bar then put your seed. Hit the search bar. There you go. 

You will get the result. Now, it’s time to brainstorm over the result from the sidebar and dropdown menu. That’s it. Simple! 

Visit: https://www.jaaxy.com/

9. Answerthepublic.com (freemium)


Keyword research aims to solve the problem. And platforms like Answer the public produces tons of real issues. They fetch all the google questions and organize it on their site. Here the features.

Keyword suggestion (Free):

One of the fantastic features is its data. These are well organized. For organizing correctly, the site has different parts. 

Each part provides different data like -comparison, WH-questions, and more. These data are limited in the free mood.

Keyword suggestion( Paid):

The paid mood allows you to search randomly. There is no limit for users, and a user can fetch the data into CSV files. 


  1. Numerous data.
  2. Real-time questions.
  3. UI and UX are amazing.


  1. One can search only three times a day in a free mood.

How to use it effectively:

Using this tool is super easy. Once you land on the page, there will be a search bar. Put your single words there. Hit the enter, there you go! All the organized data are served on your plate.

Visit: https://answerthepublic.com/

Wrapping up:

This entire post covered a thorough review of the best KW finder alternatives. All the other options have a unique feature. Still, it’s your money in the end. That is why it is recommended to take a look at -Ahref, SEMrush, and MOZ. 

These tools are unanimously rated as the best. So, if this post helps to find a better solution, don’t forget to pin this on your social media. Take care.

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