Ahrefs Alternatives – Free and Paid Alternatives To Ahrefs

Ahrefs Alternatives

The only reason we are finding Ahrefs alternative is because of it’s pricing. Do you have any other reason for finding alternatives to Ahrefs? Perhaps you’re enthusiastic about tools who give the same service like them.

Ahrefs is my number 1 fav SEO tool. If you’ve $100 budget to choose only one tool then I’d go for Ahrefs blindly. What if you don’t have $100/m or you need more data usage capability than Ahrefs gives in their Lite pack.

A Bit About Ahrefs:

As, You know that it’s a leading SEO tool for SEO monsters. You can enitirely research everything with this tool. They stored their trillions of rows of data in their 2000 servers with over 64k CPU.

As Ahrefs Data page, their crawler discovers more than 1.8 million new pages in every 24 hours and updates over 72 million page data. Over 10.2 billion keywords are stored in their database and updating their metrics every week and day. Another reason to love Ahrefs because of their Backlink data. You can check their data history here.

Why Should You consider other tools than Ahrefs:

Freakeshingly High Price:
Yeah, it’s a bit high priced for those who can’t afford $99/m or a newbie wants to speed up his work by using a great tool. But it’s worth paying if you have the ability.

There’s no free trial in Ahrefs pricing. If you wanna use a free trial you have to buy 7 days free trial for $7. If you’re in a dilemma between Semrush and Ahrefs. I’d suggest you buy the 7 days free trial. It’ll help you to decide which tool will do better for your workflow.

Ahrefs Features:

  • Site Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Explorer
  • SEO Toolbar (chrome extension, WordPress Plugin)

1. All in one Ahrefs Alternatives:

It’s hard to compare other SEO tools to Ahrefs because it has all in one service for SEOs. I’ll compare alternatives based on its child tools:

1.1. SEMrush

SEMrush features

People are obsessed between Ahrefs and SEMrush. Which one is better? It is the ultimate battle question for all SEO. But, many SEOs like me, prefer both. Why? Both, Because their data is different and useful in different cases. Many SEOs prefer SEMrush for them who are into SEO and PPC section. You can get PPC data in SEMrush while Ahrefs is giving only organic data.

In a nutshell: SEMrush covers more than four platforms like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Public Relations, Content Assistance Etc.

Data Difference:

Well, I’m not gonna share my expert test here, but I’ll lead you to read some of the expert’s tests about Ahrefs vs SEMrush data.

Ahrefs Starter PlanEligibility
Domains per day:25
URLs per day:100
Keyword rank tracking:500
Contents report per day:50
Top page analysis:YES
Mobile RankingYES
Rows per reports:10000
SEMrush Starter PlanEligibility
Domains per day:3000
URLs per day:3000
Keyword rank tracking:500
Contents report per day:Limited
Top page analysis:Limited
Mobile Ranking:YES
Rows per reports:10000

Here’s one: https://fatstacksblog.com/ahrefs-vs-semrush-keyword-difficulty-score/ you can read.

1.2. Raven Tools

The reason I added raven tools here is that I used raven tools as Ahrefs alternative a while ago. It seems such a great tool at a very good price.

Raven tools

RavenTools has pretty much every feature as Ahrefs and SEMrush has. In addition, RavenTools pulls data from various SEO tools and makes it all in one SEO dashboard so that you don’t have to spend so much time behind learning every SEO tool one by one.

RavenTools pricing starts at $49/month ($39/m for a yearly plan). If you are an individual looking for an Ahrefs alternative then raven is worth using.

Ahrefs Vs Raven Tools Pricing Comparision:

Ahrefs Starter PlanEligibility
Domains per day:25
URLs per day:100
Keywords rank tracking:500
Content reports per day:100
Rows per report10000
Top page analysis:YES
Mobile Ranking:YES
Raven Tools PlanEligibility
Domains per day:unlimited
URLs per day:unlimited
Keywords rank tracking:1500
Content reports per day:YES
Rows per reports:1M.
SMM Manage & Reporting:YES
Mobile Ranking:YES

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer alternatives:

2.1 KW Finder:

Kwfinder-keyword-research tools

Kwfinder is a super juicy and helpful alternative to Ahrefs keyword explorer. KwfFinder has everything you need to research a keyword. They have extensive features like Keyword Suggestions, Finding keywords volume in specific locations, you can get SERP metrics along with Search volume of keywords and its metrics. They try to give the most accurate volume data and difficulty score. I don’t trust Ahrefs difficulty score but I can put my trust on KwFinder. In my opinion, Difficulty checking isn’t for tools. Manual Checking is the king.

KW finder Features:

KWFinder(Mangools tools basic plan)Eligibility
Keyword Lookup:100 in 24hr
Keyword suggestions:200 from 700
Competitors keyword finding:25
Site keyword analysis:20
Serp lookup:100
Keyword tracking:200

Check out Kwfinders free and paid alternatives here.

2.2 Keyword Revealer:

Keyword revealer seems like an “Easy to go” type keyword research tool. The interface looks simple and has the basic features that a beginner needs. Let’s see what this tool offers.

Keyword Revealer (Free):

This tool offers basic features like -trend, monthly volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, search location, and search language. A user can categorize this feature by using filter options.

Keyword revealer (Paid):

Nothing unusual in this free mood: It just cut the limitation. This paid mood is better for entry-level keyword researchers. Why? Because the data is decent for this community. Their basic package starts from $9/m. This is really affordable for anyone.

Keyword Revealer Features:

Keyword RevealerBasic Monthly PlanBasic Lifetime Plan
Daily Searches5010
Daily Competitor Keywords10
Daily Evaluations5015
Rank Tracker250
Save Projects33
Save Keywords2510
Price:$9/m$59 only

3. Ahrefs Rank Tracker Alternatives:

3.1. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro rank tracker

Pro rank tracker is another recommended SEO tools. It’s a cloud-based format web app and mobile app for rank tracking. You can track keywords for pretty much all search engines like. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, and others. For more specific data, You can view the ranking position for the mobile and desktop version. In addition, Local keywords data is also available to track for Google map and Bing maps. Which means all in one rank tracker for you.

It has a very minimal and easy user interface. It’ll lead you to get and understand your ranking position easily in a second. It gives pie charts and graphs for ranking movements.

You can track 200 keywords with their basic plan. Which will also give you some cool features like, daily ranking updates, site audit, and White labeling your report.

3.2. AuthorityLabs

Authoritylab aims to help SEOs to focus on performance. It’s been built for Tracking keywords and Their features are top-notch.

authority labs

With Authoritylabs you can track keywords ranking on all major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. It’ll let you know the volume of keywords after you added to the list.

Its easy user interface gives a clear graph of your overall project ranking overview in all possible Search engine and location.

AuthorityLabs rank tracker let you drill down your keywords position to specific Locations such as Country, City, or zip code. If you’re in local SEO then This feature is insanely helpful.

With AuthorityLab’s Plus package, You can add up to 50 domains to track 250 keywords. They charge $49/month for this. I’d recommend you start with their 15 days free trial and no credit card required to sign up.

3.3. Mangools SERPWatcher

You know, I always love Mangools SEO tools not because of their data but also for the simplicity of usages and their tools user interface.


SERPWatcher is another juicey SEO tool for tracking keywords. It has everything you need to have. You can check your keywords ranking, performance, ranking increase and decrease for keywords and a lot more features like: keyword suggestions, Competitors keyword search,

You can get the entire Mangools toolset, including SERP watcher/checker, on a basic plan for $29.90 per month. This is purely worthy alternatives to Ahrefs.

Keyword Research:25100/day
Rank Tracking:500200
Backlink analyze:100URLS/day200
Domain analyze:2520

4. Ahrefs Content Explorer Alternatives:

4.1 Buzzsumo:


Buzzsumo is a content and website analyzing tool known worldwide. Ahrefs creates a better version of Buzzsumo. However, Buzzsumo is best at its place. In case, if you are not familiar with Buzzsumo, Then I’d say it has quite a few great features like: Discovering Trending topics, keywords, questions. The content analyzer can help you to find the most shared content on the internet. You can use it for filtering contents based on Facebook shares and backlinks also. They added the features for Youtube contents also. It also has influencer research and monitoring options to make your branding life easier.

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