Better Discord alternatives- Escape From The “Server Raid.”

Discord Alternatives

No doubt, Discord is one of the rising contenders of VOIP and Instant messaging service. But users still want better discord alternatives.

Why? Well, due to the “server raiding.” Wait! What? I know this news will freeze you for a while. No worries, I am here to help you out.

In this post, I will write about 18 discord alternatives to help you escape the server raid. Trust me! You can.

But I need 2 more minutes before jumping on to the topic. Can I have that? Count the time.

Discord overview:

Starting with Discord overview. Discord offers voice and text message services basically for Gamers. Their main targets are this community.

But there are exceptions which are; you can use this platform for other purposes. It is like reading books, watching Netflix, or for group study.

To do those activities, you need to join first. So, is there any complexity to join? No, just download the app and join as usual.

After joining, you will see these following features:

  • You can create three channels: voice, chat, and Gifs, emoji
  • Each of those servers can have 500,00 members.
  • At a time, 25,000 can be online.
  • Single users can join up to 100 servers.
  • It’s free.
  • You can rename whenever you join a new server.
  • Discord has the custom Gif and emoji making option.
  • Explore different communities.

Like those basic features, discord offers more extensive options. Let me explain the user settings first: It’s huge! I think this is the basic reason for choosing this platform.

Here is what you will see: three types of settings: User settings, App settings, and Discord Nitro. The user settings offer privacy settings and other stuff, and the app set includes -voice, video, connections, and more.

Finally, the Discord nitro offers gift inventory, server boost, and hyper squads. It’s unique for an advanced user like marketers or pro gamers.

Next is the integration option. You can add every social media link here to help your fans to find. Overall, it’s decent but not enough to get 5 out of 5. Why?

Why use an alternative to Discord?

You will get the answer here. The reason for not rating 5 out 5 is “frequent server raids”. I mentioned that at the beginning. And this is the biggest reason for thinking about alternatives.

Now let me explain how the server raid happens?

Imagine you are streaming a game or having a serious discussion. Suddenly, you are facing something really awkward. It’s like: a bunch of id entered to create a ruckus and then vanished by spamming.

How would you feel? Definitely, you will get angry. Yes! That’s what happened to me last night. I even faced that frequently a few weeks back randomly. This is annoying.  

So, I discussed it with some of my friends, and they faced the same situation. After that, is it wise to stay? No! This is why alternatives strike in my mind.

Top Alternatives to Discord: 

So, here are the best alternatives that can save you from server raids and spamming. Let’s read it together.

1. TeamSpeak


Did I found it way better than discord – why? It’s lighter than discord and fully concerned about voice chat.
I call it – a perfect place for gamers and students. Because you don’t have to think about security and server raids.
Teamspeak ensured that through one of the best-secured systems. It’s even free from spam as far as my experience. Want to know more? Here are the features that solve all the pain points.


  • Lag-free user experience. 
  • Automatic volume adjustment. 
  • Noise cancellation facilities. 
  • Background voice remover. 
  • 100 ups add ons and voice packs.
  • Secured servers with full administrative control. 
  • Global voice chat facility. 
  • Convenient setting options.

2. Troop Messenger

Like TeamSpeak, Troop becomes one of the rising contenders of discord. Contender! Nope, I call it a better alternative for a small team. Now, what makes it a better replacement? The features. Remember? I mentioned that some of the students use discord service to study?

Troop can be real savants for them. It has instant messaging, voice chat, screen share option, and third party API facilities. That’s not the end, Troop allows you to segment your group with on-demand notification. Plus, it provides the highest security.
So, no matter how busy you are, Troop will save you from the unwanted hassle. And this is the biggest reason for adopting this app for small business and study.
I know my information provokes you to learn more. Here are the features.


  • Robust security.
  • 1TB storage facilities.
  • Voice, text, and on-screen sharing option.
  • Quick access for previous messages.
  • Teammate collaboration in different groups.
  • Cross-device availability.
  • Broadcast message.
  • Shout out messaging.
  • Comprehensive interface.
  • Private and confidential messaging option.

3. HeySpace


HeySpace is different from the earlier one, but it’s a strong discord replacement. Here is how? You have seen that discord is fully concentrated on gamers and less on others. As a result, users struggle to manage their project on that platform. This ultimately distracts them from focusing on their goal. To avoid that problem, Heyspace offers everything on one page. It has a chat and task progress report on one page. You will see that while chatting with your teammates.

Not only that, but you are also allowed to multitask with this project management tool. Want to know what features HeySpace offers to do multitasking? 


  • Simple main menu view.
  • Card facility: you can select a text as a task during the chat.
  • Project status monitoring.
  • Instant notification.
  • Add-ons approval option.
  • Easy profile setup. 
  • Military Guard security: no intruder can join.
  • Guest invite and accept the feature.
  • Sticky notes for individual members.
  • Easy to find the archive.
  • Notifications for unread messages.
  • Distraction-free workspace.

4. Slack

“No more email, or Hangout use slack” that’s what my teammate told me about Slack. Listening to that, I replied: What! He said, “try it”.Then I installed the app and spent half an hour. It wowed me after thirty minutes of usage. Now, what unique feature hooked me instantly? The integration option. I could integrate Twitter, Facebook, and Github. It’s like everything under one roof. Sounds cool, right? Wait, there is more to write about the team management software. But before that, one thing to let you know: Discord does not have this kind of integration facility.

So think once again. Here are the features.


  • Multi-platform integration for easy use.
  • Drag and drop the option for easy file sharing.
  • Different channels for different departments.
  • Private chat option for a confidential conversation.
  • No server raid and spam.
  • Easy to retrieve previous messages.
  • Resource sharing is easy: you can share any link in the chat slack that will generate the details.
  •  Important notification always pops up when you are busy.

5. Mumble

Voice chat is one of the major reasons for installing discord. Now, do you think their VoIP is good enough?

Frankly, I detected some latency issues. And it hurts me every time. Thank god, mumble has saved my day. How? Mumble has no latency issues, plus they have automated noise adjustment. Not only that, but they also offer certified authentication for each user. This means no chances of server raid or spamming.

Want to know more? Let’s jump straight to the features.


  • Secured server with manual hosting.
  • Open source VoIP platform.
  • It works cross-platform: Windows, IOS, Android, Linux, and more. 
  • Channel hierarchy for controlling a large team. 
  • Voice position detector: you can detect the location of your organization by using voice packs. 
  • Overlay facility for gamers. 
  • Server integration. 
  • Lightweight.

6. Flock

Time is short, but the workload is big. How to solve that problem? Good communication, and assigning the right leader on the task can solve the problem.

This is the motto of every communication platform. In fact, discord is also following this. Now the question is: how efficiently can discord easy up your experience?

Um… Decent! Well, let me ask you one thing. What if you get something better?

Yes, I am about to write on the flock. It’s easy to join and quick to perform the tasks. I am not bluffing! Here are features you should look for proof.


  • Unlimited app integration.
  • Secured channel with administrative control.
  • Lag-free video calling.
  • Notify you when you are silent.
  • Easy task assigning facility.
  • Drag n drop file sharing.
  • Spam and server raid free.
  • Multi-platform availability.
  • Comprehensive features for anyone.
  • Perfect for small business.

7. Overtone 

With a beautiful dashboard and interface, Overtone is now getting on the rise. They are trying to tie up the gamers under one roof. 

That is why their voice and text chat is now the talk of the world. Even gamers are now thinking of it as the better alternative of discord. Why?

Well, first of all, the server is always fast and secure. The second is: voice and texts are smooth from any other platform. Here is what Overtone offers: 


  • Lucrative dashboard with community suggestions.
  • Users can host parties with their community: there is a party bar.
  • Inviting a new friend is just one click matters.
  • Easy team creation with full security.
  • No spam and server raid.
  • 24/7 agent service from Overtone.
  • Real-time community suggestions with “live” indicators. 
  • Team discovery and meeting new strangers is also easy here.
  • Notification for every update with assistance.
  • Thousands up trending gaming groups.
  • It also has different communities: music, book, business.
  • It uses Vivox for clear voice chat.

8. Hangouts chat 

No doubt, it’s the most common platform so far because of flexibility. Google, in fact, focused on that for the minimum to maximum users. Now the question is why?

Well, the motto of Hangout is bringing everyone under an umbrella. This is why the team researched users’ ages and needs. As a result, they found “simple form is the best way to enhance users”. And that’s what ultimately defeats discord.

Because Hangout is using the platforms for fantastic sound quality. This is why It is better than discord. Not only that, but Hangout also uses updated technology to give better user experience. Now, what experience will you get? Read out the feature then:


  • Instant text messaging
  • Voice call and video chat.
  • Up to 100 users in the room.
  • Simple dashboard.
  • Multi-OS compatibility.
  • No need to install it. Just open a Gmail account. 

9. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft never compromised with security. And Teams is the perfect reflection of that. It has all the features a discord user needs. 

Wait! Let me correct you one thing: it does not have an individual voice channel, yet you can send voice mail, share screen, and lots more. 

In a word, it’s a team collaboration platform with no server raid. Microsoft ensures that through expert cybersecurity experts. What else do you need to know? Here is the detail. Read then decide if it is worth it, or not to be a better discord alternative.


  • Private chat with secured facilities.
  • Meeting recording options.
  • Easy to schedule the date by integrating with outlook.
  • Easy to share a large file -even you can edit that.
  • Quick access to retrieve previous data and conversation.
  • Available on all platforms.
  • Notification for muted messages.
  • Different channel setup facilities for individual departments.

10. Steam Chat 

Steam chat is a direct competitor of discord. It has everything like discord in a better way. I will mention the features in the next part.

Before that, let me share the interesting thing about Steam. Steam is a marketplace created by Valve. Their goal is to serve a better gaming experience. 

So, if a user has an account for that store, they don’t need a new account to enjoy their free voice and text message service.

Steam even ensures that: your account is secured and organized since you are their client. Now, moving on to their features.


  • Team chat is easy, including voice and text message..
  • You can organize the game you buy.
  • Private messaging and voice chat is also included.
  • No spamming and server raid.
  • Secured server for each group.
  • Unwanted guests are not allowed.
  • Individual URL for each group.
  • Interactive emojis and GIF

11. RaidCall 

Ops! One more raid, right? Nope! This is a blessing for gamers and other users. How? It’s because of their server: Fast and lag-free.

RaidCall ensures that through an amazing support team. For their support, the users can talk up to 10,000 people in a single call.

Can you imagine! How big is it? Of course, discord users should take a look before deciding it as an alternative. Here are some of the unique features.    


  • Password protected chat room.
  • The server is always up.
  • No need to create a new server.
  • You can integrate social media.
  • Thousands up gaming, entertainment and education communities.
  • Low latency, voice recording, and poll features.
  • Easy to share large files and URLs.

12. Skype 

I would not keep skype as the better alternative unless “server raid” was a major issue. So, here is a quick overview of skype. 

It’s a video and instant messaging platform. You can even share files and links here. In a word, you will get what you did not get in Discord. For example, you can even watch movies together on skype

I did not find this movie sharing features in Discord. In that sense, Skype is a good alternative so far.


  • Instant screen share.
  • Unlimited recording.
  • 30 days of archive facilities for messages and files.
  • Voice call using the number.
  • Different color mood.
  • Easy group video/chat.
  • Perfect for a small group of people.
  • It cost less bandwidth.

13. Ventrilo 

User experience plays a vital role in any application. I believe Ventrilo focused on that deeply. That is why they made a full voice and text chat platform.

One can understand this platform within 20 minutes of use. I, in fact, tested it over my younger brother. He felt comfortable with the dashboard and the entire interface.

The best part of Ventrilo is its security. Ventrilo announced clearly how strongly they control it. Here are some of its unique features.


  • Multi-user communication by using single or multiple servers.
  • Phantom user options for “listening only”.
  • Text speech generation facilities.
  • Compatible to play different types of files: WAV, TTS, and more.
  • One-click mutes and unmute for users.
  • The multi-platform client can use this 
  • Compatible to multi-platform server.
  • Users can customize the display mode.
  • Easy to control the latency issues.

14. Viber 

Connecting with your community, friends, or whatever always feels good, right? Viber realized that, and that’s why they made their app like a home.

This feeling made them a better discord alternative. For example, you can play trending games or send voice messages to your friend.

Even you can keep yourself updated by entering public groups. This sort of entrance sometimes induces the chances of spamming.

Don’t worry! Viber takes extra care in the public rooms. Here is the feature you need to know.


  • In-app gaming facilities.
  • User-to-user or group chat is available.
  • Voice text option.
  • Easy to share files and URLs.
  • Low-cost call for the user who doesn’t use Viber.
  • Thousands up emojis, stickers, and gifs.
  • Public chat with celebrities.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.

15. Riot 

Remember the movie “The Imitation Game”? Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch showed them how to create a secure conversation. He literally dodged the radar. How? By using end-to-end encryption.

Well, it’s an advanced technology that secures your messages from third parties. And Riot applied it in their app.

This unique feature directly dumped discord because discord always has “server raids.” Trust me! It’s a threat to sharing thoughts and opinions. Here are some other features of Riot.


  • Strong file archiving policy.
  • Joining calls are easy without disturbing others.
  • You can share large files and audio.
  • Easy to use for the non-tech savvy.
  • Different rooms for different departments.
  • Emoji and stickers are rich.
  • Pinned message options.
  • No spam and server raid.

16. Tox 

Tox is like the other communication app. Now, why is it a better alternative to discord? You will not believe the answer. Still, let me speak about that:

It has no advertisement or hidden charge. Even, Tox is highly secure than any other app: it has an individual id for users. So there is no chance to spam or raid.


  • Voice call and text message facility.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Video call with screen sharing.
  • Unlimited file sharing option.
  • Private and group chat: you can even call, send voice text, and many more.
  • The server is always up.
  • No spam, or server raid.
  • The encrypted conversation is always available.

17. Wire 

Security is the pillar of any communication platform. It breaks when spam or server raids happen. Especially, you will see that more often in discord. 

And Wire successfully detected that problem. This is why they secured their platform even better. As a result, It has been certified by EU and American privacy policy on security measurement.

 That’s not the end! The Wire has successfully connected some of the greatest corporates in their lists. This motivates them to talk about their features.


  • End-to-end encryption for voice, text, and video message.
  • Crystal clear sound and smooth video.
  • Open-source.
  • Easy to integrate social media.
  • They provide transparency reports for security.
  • No spam and server raid.
  • Easy file sharing.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Intuitive interface with a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Perfect for business and farm.

18. Zulip 

My final pick for the discord alternative is Zulip. Its a combination of Slack and Discord. Now, what makes it unique? 

Zulip introduces different topics for each thread. It’s like: each time you ask for help, you can create a thread and ask for it. This will help you to identify the previous topic easily. 

Other than this, zuilip offers common features like slack. Here are the features.


  • Easy to integrate social media.
  • Thousands of emojis.
  • Private and group chat.
  • Voice chat.
  • Large file sharing with detail.
  • Url and link sharing is easy.
  • Quick access to any previous file.
  • It does not reduce picture quality.
  • Video call with screen share.


Look at my article! I focused mainly on “server raid” Why? Because I have got so many questions like: “how to get rid of the discord server raid? Is there any alternative?”. 

And here are the better discord alternatives. Just read and pick the right platform to play your game. Or communicate with your team—best of luck. 

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